custom poems

4x6 custom poem in bottle w/organza bag

4x6 custom poem in bottle w/organza bag


devil’s in the details when personalizing poems! so, when telling me what your poem is about be sure to tell me quirks and charms, specific memories, favorite places, hobbies, details details details. the more specific and personal, the better!

for example, DO NOT SAY: marta and rick are my best friends. i want a poem about how i love their love.

DO SAY: my best friends marta and rick vacation in a cabin called pigeon’s nest every summer on lake tahoe. they have a pug named the red baron who hates water. they met while waiting for a reading to start at book smith on haight street. he tapped her on the shoulder and said, “when did this start?” i want them to know how much i love their love.

look forward to reading your stories, discovering your details, and turning it into poetry!


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