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in the 11 years i’ve been writing poems on demand, i’ve typed tens of thousands of poems, met twice as many people, shown thousands of art pieces at galleries, been featured in a documentary and the radio, worked hundreds of events. mostly, i’ve listened to SO many stories! the heart wrenching (dead babies, parents, partners and pets, suicide attempts, romantic break ups, divorces, evictions, fires) and the heart warming (marriages thriving after 60 years, love finding love, adopting a rescue animal, having a baby, surviving cancer, getting married, donating a kidney).

it’s an incredible honor to be trusted to put these experiences into words, to be paid for it! and sometimes it’s a lot to hold all that is human about being human, to listen with my entire self, to write poems on the spot, to keep going because people want and need poems, and because this is the work of my life. 

steady reliable income (patreon!) will allow me to continue to do this work with my whole self and help me risk in the direction of new pathways for my art like: 

  • teaching poetry in nursing homes and underserved communities (my favorite thing!)

  • speaking to youth and corporate people about the power of community and writing as a way of healing

  • offering writing workshops to help people find their voice and hone their craft

  • opening up space and time to focus on my own writing projects, see especially publishing books!

i’m also hoping patreon will be the place where i can: 

  • share more stories about who i meet and what happens when i do the work

  • share poems that i write just for me

  • offer more opportunity for you to know me and for me to know you

  • afford to make regular donations to charitable causes

  • help me connect to myself and us connect to each other (yay community!)

for less than the price of a cup of coffee—$1 a day/$12 a month—you are contributing to the continuation of poetry and art in san francisco and you are changing my life.

it’s absolutely terrifying to ask, to venture into this unknown, and i’m ready and excited to see what happens! 

thank you for being here. for being you. for believing in the arts. for believing in me. 
i love you. 

in poetry and so much gratitude, 

p.s. if you don't want to subscribe to another email or service, but you want to support, donate via my sitepaypalvemno (@silvialcivar), or square. or, just share this page and/or my work. i am so grateful for that support too.