hop on. i’ll carry you where you want to go.

hop on. i’ll carry you where you want to go.


8.5" x 11" digital print of images taken from a 19th century animal encyclopedia accompanied by original typewritten repeating word poem as part of the love letter series: love letter to you and to myself. for their greatest longevity, prints are not recommended exposure to direct sunlight.

these are the things I was thinking while shampooing my hair a second time because i couldn't remember if i’d done it a first. these are the things i wrote down while listening to songs of love and grief alone in my room sewing the lines of bird’s wings and finding my own tune on typewriter keys. these are the things that take flight in my dreams, in my want and desire, my need for more laughter and more peace. these are the things that sometimes have to be written or thought or said over and over and over and over until something of what they mean begins to feel as true and real as the breath in my body. these are the things that when all taken together and considered and lived might help me be a better human. these are notes to myself which I offer to your self as well. may we all figure out how to be better humans, making the best kind of art we can, by which I mean, the art of making ourselves.

in poetry,


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