sun always whispers when we wake

sun always whispers when we wake

ask your spirit what animal seeks company with your eyes, your heart, your poet tongue. pay attention to what winged, walking, galloping, hunting humming, soaring being circles your want, need. listen to the song their spirit sings, know each word is soul speaking to soul. trust that every day you’re alive, no matter where you are or how, every day is the perfect place to begin the year as only you know how.

go ahead, begin right now. take inspiration from spirit guides and circles of gold in which they reside, circles of gold offering something infinite, brilliant, sort-of broken and never perfect. circles of gold mimicking the beauty of sun, and what it means for all of us to know shadows of darkness, by which I mean, how they exists in contrast to the light.

limited edition print (of 40) each on archival acid free linen paper.

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